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Some folks just do not want anything to do with the Government or Obamacare controlling their Health Insurance choices. If you make too much money for a subsidy, are healthy with few Pre-Existing conditions or just do not want to pay exorbitant “on-exchange” premiums for so-so coverage then there are excellent alternatives.

Typically called “STM’s” or Short Term Medical policies, they offer a solid alternative to Obamacare at about half the price. By adding Accident and Critical Illness riders it is possible to get a near 100% coverage plan for a very reasonable premium. Be aware that you might have to settle up with the IRS at the end of the year if assessed with a penalty, but even with the penalty you will typically still save money and receive better coverage.

Call us at 813-994-5399 for more information or simply go to this quote link to check out prices and product brochures or simply enroll online here.

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