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Here’s the problem with your health insurance: It Probably Doesn’t Cover Dental. The truth is, most individual health plans, including Medicare, do not cover any dental work unless there is an accident or disease of the mouth. Unless you’re willing to pay the expensive out-of-pocket costs to go to the dentist for the recommended two cleanings per year, you’ll want to pay close attention to this article. Continue reading
Everyone has seen the AFLAC duck in action on TV passing out money to a guy with a broken leg. You do not have to be completely “disabled” to collect enough money to pay off critical bills and buy food. Simply being unable to work for a few weeks or months can put you way behind on your bills or wipe out whatever savings you may have. Like most supplemental coverages, Disability Income (DI) is not expensive and can keep you out of bankruptcy court while you are recovering to go back to work. Continue reading
Some folks just do not want anything to do with the Government or Obamacare controlling their Health Insurance choices. If you make too much money for a subsidy, are healthy with few Pre-Existing conditions or just do not want to pay exorbitant "on-exchange" premiums for so-so coverage then there are excellent alternatives. Continue reading
Well, the time has come and you are faced with the inevitable. Your loved ones are aging and you need to discuss long term care and the final expenses. This is an emotional time in your family’s lives. Why make it any more stressful than it already is? Insure yourself and your loved ones for peace of mind. Continue reading
Choosing the right dental plan can be quite challenging for the individual or family that does not receive benefits from their employer. There are dozens of choices ranging from low-cost Dental Discount with Vision and Pharmacy discounts to very expensive PPO and DHMO plans with long wait times and annual caps rarely exceeding $1500 per person. Continue reading