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Medicare Made Simple!

Important!  Florida Annual Open Enrollment starts early this year – Oct. 15 through December 7th.

What Is Medicare?
Medicare is health insurance for the following:
·         People 65 or older
·         People under 65 with certain disabilities
Medicare can be confusing. Let us help you understand the basics of Medicare so you can make a “$mart” decision about your coverage.
Look for a plan that’s the right fit for you
If you are turning 65, by now you may find yourself inundated with marketing material from every Medicare Company and insurance agent demanding you make a decision with them as soon as possible. You will find that Medicare is not “one size fits all”. There are lots of choices, and there are important differences among the choices. 
You’ll be facing questions like these:
  • Do I want only Original Medicare (parts A & B)?
  • How about Original Medicare with (or without) a stand-alone Prescription Drug plan (Part D) or Medicare Advantage plan (Part C)?
  • If I get a Medicare Advantage plan, do I want it with or without prescription drugs?
It’s helpful to compare your needs to what’s out there and find a good match.
It makes sense to enroll as soon as you become eligible.
If you wait to enroll, you could end up paying more in premiums. You’ll also want to make sure your coverage begins when you want it to.
Understand Your Options
Your most important decision may be whether you want to choose Medicare (Parts A and B) with a supplemental Medigap policy or Medicare Advantage (Part C). 
Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
This is where we come in.  There is help available for everyone making Medicare Choices and there is no cost to you for our advice.  Just give us a call at:  813-994-5399 or email us at: with your question or to request our brochure:  "Medicare Made Clear – The Basics".
If we do not readily know the answer we will do the necessary research to answer your question or point you in the right direction!