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life insurance

I liken this age-old question to the Tortoise and Hare analogy. If you want to accumulate wealth quickly, choosing a high risk path such as riding the roller coaster of Wall Street just might get you there or at least die trying. Or if you are already stressed out with today’s unpredictable economy and political environment, then perhaps you might want to take control of your money and put it in a safe place. Continue reading
Life Insurance is among the most important insurance products Smart Health & Life Insurance Agency offers. It is a sad fact that fewer people have life insurance protection than any other time in the history of life insurance. The even more amazing fact is that life insurance rates are at their lowest since 1949 and continue to drop! We are living longer and dying much later in life. Your Life Insurance premium will protect you and your family’s financial legacy. Continue reading
If a death occurred in your family today, what would you be worried about tomorrow? Would you be worried about money or your loved ones? See why planning is vital. What you do now can determine whether your thoughts will be focused on paying for the funeral or helping your loved ones cope with a loss. Continue reading