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wealth building

If you like Las Vegas, you will love playing the stock market! The fact is, the odds are not in your favor. If you are young, go ahead and play the odds. If you are over the age of 50, think again. There is a time to accumulate cash and a time to conserve assets. If you can’t sleep at night worrying about what the Dow Jones is going to do in the morning, it’s time to switch your investment approach. Continue reading
I liken this age-old question to the Tortoise and Hare analogy. If you want to accumulate wealth quickly, choosing a high risk path such as riding the roller coaster of Wall Street just might get you there or at least die trying. Or if you are already stressed out with today’s unpredictable economy and political environment, then perhaps you might want to take control of your money and put it in a safe place. Continue reading